Why should I use Adresta?

Adresta opens up a world of new and exciting digital processes around your timepieces. We at Adresta want to make your life around your watch easier and bring you digital processes to enjoy your watch to the full extent. Additionally, we want to give you the possibility to connect with peers and inform you about the happenings in the world of watches.

Who can I contact in case of a problem or for support?

If you have any questions or need support in any  regards, feel free to reach out to For feedback regarding the app, please write an email to

What is the plan for the app in the future?

The app shall provide you with a digital experience all around your watches. It shall provide you with news from the world of watches and digital processes, like insurance, service or keeping track of your collection. In the future, we want to enlarge our support for the whole world of luxury items to bring you the convenience of having digital interactions and overview over all your belongings.


Where is my data stored?

Your data is safely stored in our swiss hosted database. We don't sell your data and we only share your data with your approval. 

Who has access to my data?

We give partners in our ecosystem (e.g. watch manufacturer, retailer, insurance) access to your data if you allow us to. Without your saying the data is shared with nobody. 

What is my data used for?

Your data is used for ensuring the correct working of the app,  for analytics to improve our app and giving you access to your stored data and account.

How is my watch information secured?

Your watch information is secured on our database as well as with an entry in the Swiss Trust Chain as soon as your watch is authenticated by an official partner of Adresta.


Can I get my watch authenticated?

Yes, we plan to offer an authentication service together with our partners. Either done by retailers or by watch manufacturers themself. We will inform you about everything regarding the watch authentication on our app.

What is the benefit of reporting my watch as lost or stolen?

When reporting a watch as lost or stolen, it is flagged in our database and we can inform you about it when the watch is uploaded once again. When you have insurance with Adresta, you will be able to easily share all needed documents with the insurance carrier. Overall, you also will be able to check watches about our database of lost or stolen watches when you are buying a watch.

Where can I enter information regarding services and other history steps like retailer or secondhand purchase for my watch?

You can find this option when you scroll to the "watch History" section on the respective watch, click on "Show more" and then with the "Add Event"-Button you can enter the step you wish to add.


Why should I upload images and documents?

The upload of images allows you to personalize your watch and lets you build the story of your watch. The documents are helpful to always have the full overview of your watch, especially regarding place of purchase, warranty and key watch information. With the digitally saved documents you won't be able to lose them. In case of selling your watch, you can provide all information to the interested buyer. 

Which documents should I upload?

Just upload all the documents you find important of your watch. We suggest uploading documents like the warranty, the receipt, service reports and general information regarding your timepiece.

How should I best upload documents (in which format)?

We would suggest uploading documents as PDFs if you have them. Otherwise you also can just upload images of the respective documents.