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Become part of an ecosystem where manufacturers, retailers and watch lovers meet

31 Aug 2021

With the fast-paced growth of our economy and digitalization transforming the business environment it is especially important for companies to have a business model in place that enables interactions between different stakeholders. For Adresta this means the establishment of an ecosystem to drive innovation and implement such in the strategy for value creation.


With Adresta, we want to build an ecosystem where watch manufacturers connect with retailers and end users. It’s important to ensure an environment of transparency, providing insights into the whole journey of a watches manufacturing and repair process and building trust. The goal of the ecosystem is to facilitate processes and experiences for luxury watch owners. We want to build an ecosystem of digital certificates and deliver this benefit to all parties via the luxury watch industry. Not only do we provide a new sense of belonging to the watch owners who have the ability to see the whole history of their watch, but we provide the manufacturer with a new service that they are able to integrate into their production which enables them more personalization and targeting the appropriate audience.

Imagine a world where products have a digital twin that provides access to a trustworthy ecosystem. That is our vision, to build a digital ecosystem for luxury watches that creates an unforgettable customer experience. The manufacturer and the end-consumer are both at the heart of this digital ecosystem. They both lead to one another, the question that always arises is what is first?

Is it better to get the manufacturers on board or to gain customers first and understand their needs before approaching the manufacturers and convincing them with the established customer base? There is an important decision that comes alongside such a two-sided platform. The platform has two different sides of the market and it’s only valuable if both sides are on the platform. For this reason, it is key for Adresta to further establish its environment.
We offer a platform where watch owners can connect with other collectors and brands - a place where emotions are created. Our platform enables watch brands and retailers to directly communicate with the customer. With the digital watch ID, the brands and retailers can map the entire history of the watch, which aids to establish trust in the event of a resale or enables to pass on the information and emotions in the case of an inheritance.

It only takes 30 seconds for the manufacturer to create our authentic digital certificates, enabling them to establish a digital link to their end-users and retailers. It only takes you 30 seconds to leave behind your E-mail address and become part of the ecosystem – the gateway to a better world around your watch. Join Adresta – the new community for watch enthusiasts.

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