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Hilde Niedermann joins Adresta as former MD Gucci Watches

16 Mar 2021

Hilde Niedermann is joining the executive team of Adresta AG to get their solution closer into the watch industry. In recent years, Niedermann led the Gucci Sales Department watches & jewelry for Switzerland, Germany-Austria, France, Benelux, and Europe distribution. With Niedermann, the company has found a person with the necessary experience and strengths to successfully establish Adresta in the Swiss watch manufacturing and retail industry. 



After having gathered lots of business experience in the watch industry, Niedermann is joining the young technology start-up

The traditional Swiss watch industry is known for manufacturing a varied range of high-end and exclusive timepieces. However, counterfeit practices are growing and are damaging the image of this important business. In line with the global market trend where younger and older generations embrace digital life and technology use, a stronger focus on the digitization of the watch industry is needed. “Adresta – being an ETH Zurich and Helvetia Insurance spinoff - offers solutions to handle this challenging task, having the required expertise and competence in building up secured digital ecosystems.” says Niedermann. Moreover, she points out that “the digital platform Adresta is providing, protects and enriches our watch business and makes it ready for the future. That is why I am proud to be part of this young team and complement their know-how with my business experience.”

With Niedermann on board, Adresta has the needed knowledge to understand the processes in the luxury industry. Combined with the already existing innovative and digital vision it leads to one goal – impact the way luxury products are experienced.

Diversity will lead to success

With Adresta, every luxury product will get a digital twin to reduce counterfeits and strengthen customer retention. Relevant documents are anchored in the blockchain. The tamperproof digital certificate is the entry ticket to the digital ecosystem. Documents, images, personal notes, service and repairs, resales, or insurances can be managed all from one place. First brands and partners, such as Czapek & Cie or Helvetia Insurance, are already on board. Over time, these benefits impact the way brands do sales, marketing, and production planning.

Adresta believes that their business is substantially driven forward by their very diverse team. “With Hilde Niedermann on board, we not only have another woman in our executive team but also 25 years of experience in the watch industry. Her way of bringing our SaaS solution to the market, while always finding easy and well-understandable words, impresses me.” So, Leonie Flückiger, co-Founder of Adresta. She further emphasizes that “diverse thinking can be challenging within a company. We end up discussing and challenging a broad range of ideas. But at the end of the day, we find a common ground which often is an improvement of the initial idea.”


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