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How digital certificates can reduce the CO2 footprint of luxury brands

7 Sep 2021

With the rapid development of new technologies, companies need to be innovative and promote digital solutions that serve an entire ecosystem to enhance the value chain. Digitalisation is a megatrend that urges companies like Adresta to develop their digital solutions further and integrate them into society, promoting transparency and awareness. The ecological impact of Adresta products and services shall benefit all the stakeholders of our ecosystem


Millennial state of mind

Millennials and Generation Z made a significant breakthrough in the luxury industry. According to Bain & Company, in 2019, 100% of the global luxury growth originated from Millennials and Generation Z. This emphasises the importance of having a digital presence in the luxury segment focusing on sustainability. These younger generations are especially invested in making environmentally conscious purchase decisions. With this new younger consumer class on the rise, this mindset must align with the producers’ to allow for a successful value proposition. And this is where Adresta comes in; we have the key to win the hearts and minds of this young generation. Fasten your seatbelts to find out how. 


Digital certificates as a driver of sustainability in the luxury industry

Alongside new technologies, there arise new opportunities which Adresta harnessed with the establishment of its digital ecosystem and using the synergies of partners such as Helvetia Insurance. Adresta offers digital watch certificates as a solution to promote CO2 waste reduction for all participants of our ecosystem, from watch manufacturer to the end consumer. As part of our ecosystem, we launched together with Helvetia an end-to-end digital insurance integrated into the application, which is easily accessible by the watch owner. This online process allows Helvetia to significantly reduce its CO2 footprint for the customers. On average, a customer must fill out up to 30 pages of paperwork before their watch is successfully insured; this can be avoided with our digital solution.


3 Ways digital certificates reduce carbon footprint

With our digital solution, we contribute to sustainability in several ways

  1. We ensure the reduction of printed paperwork by making certificates, receipts, watch history, and manuals digital. We also seek to promote sales and marketing through online channels to reduce material waste. The goal for the future is to no longer print out these manuals and other marketing information, to make them available online through a digital account for the watch and its owner. 5250 tons of CO2 Emissions can be saved with this approach in the watch ecosystem. 
  2. Our ecosystem functions as a circular economy; the second-hand market allows resources to be 'recycled' and put back into the system. This will empower customers to extract as much value as possible from our existing resources. Our solution of digital certificates allows for more trust and transparency in the secondary market. Thus buyers feel more secure buying second-hand products and promote an economy of sustainability and recycling. 
  3. With digital insurance in place, after-sales services are handled digitally and can spare a lot of paperwork. 


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