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How watch brands will tell stories and arouse emotions in the future

20 Jan 2021

Watch brands thrive through stories and emotions. But how do they tell stories in the future so that they create digital experiences and develop sustainable relationships with the customer? We use three examples to show how an app is reshaping storytelling for the watch world.



I take my newly purchased watch carefully out of the box. Before I put the watch on, I hold it in my hand, gaze at the dial and see how the clock ticks. It feels like a few seconds have passed; in fact, I lost myself for several minutes, mesmerized by it. This experience marks the beginning of my relationship with the watch. This unique bond should last for years and be the starting point for stories worth remembering that I might tell friends or my family someday. But what story does the brand tell me personally after I become a proud owner?

Often, watch brands lose direct contact with their customers after a purchase. Maybe individual customers still subscribe to newsletters or follow the brand on social media. Well, maybe. As with any relationship, it needs exchanges, interactions, attention. If that is missing, it dies. Yet there would be countless ways for the brand to strengthen the relationship and anchor itself in stories, as the following examples show.

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The community writes history(s)

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. Reports by others about the watch I wear on my wrist is particularly interesting and relevant. From crime stories to love stories: Many stories lie in the community that are worth telling. It's just that today these stories are drowning in the sea of blogs and posts on social media. But what if there was an app that put these stories in the spotlight and documented them in a collected and structured way, like in a library that never gets dusty? In this way, brands’ stories will be collected, shown, read and heard in the future - and retold, by each member.


Service: an experience

Usually, the watch owner doesn't find out what exactly happens during services. Instead of making the owner wait for the watch and a high bill for the service, there is the opportunity to make it a unique event: the view inside the owner's watch. Thanks to photos and videos, the owner can see what is happening and what the watch actually looks like inside. At the same time, the waiting period offers an excellent opportunity for background stories. Perhaps about a delicate individual part, the manufacture of the watch or the process of how the watch is put together. This conversation shortens the perceived waiting time for the watch owner since it appears at the right time and in the proper context. What stories a brand wants to tell is up to them. Missing out on such an opportunity should not happen; use it to create a unique experience.


Reviving memories

Who remembers the day you bought your beloved timepiece? That day might be far in the past; nevertheless, you still remember it as if it were yesterday. These memories are linked to strong emotions so that you can relive these feelings of happiness again and again. In addition to one's anniversary with the brand, various other personal events can strengthen the knot. This is also what Facebook and other social media do when they show summaries of photos, events and connections, bringing back special moments. The same principle will be possible in the future with a watch-app that manages information in a secure and centralized way and lives from content created by the watch community itself.


Conclusion: Stories stay, new opportunities come

A watch-app opens the door to new experiences and a new way of cultivating the relationship between brands and their customers. Especially today, when COVID-19 limits face-to-face contact and physical experiences, digital experiences filled with emotions and stories are needed to maintain the customer relationship.


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