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Adresta combines innovation, creativity and technology

4 Jun 2021

After her Bachelor's degree in Materials Science, Leonie Flückiger joined the student consulting company ETH juniors. One of the projects she piloted was together with Helvetia Insurance, called "Adresta". This project lead to her co-founding the Helvetia Spinoff in the last year of studies at ETH Zurich. With her research in the DLT field, she later obtained the ETH spinoff label for Adresta AG. 




From research at ETH Zurich to innovation in the Swiss watch industry

During her Masters in Micro-and Nanosystems at ETH Zurich, Leonie worked on a research project that classified and analyzed 90 distributed ledger technology systems. Her work shows the complexity of the blockchain landscape and the challenge of a systematic and data-driven analysis and comparison. Her latest research then analyzed the most critical issue in blockchain projects within firms, the digital-physical link, or “garbage in, garbage out” issue, and identified key measurements to manage it. "I have always been fascinated by new and creative concepts", says Leonie, an example can be found in her article about 5 Concepts arising from Distributed Ledger Technology: Economic Freedom or Limitation?

The vision of Adresta is to build digital identities for luxury goods to represent ownership, fight counterfeits and track the product lifecycle for better provenance. To tackle this challenge, the luxury industry digitizes information and processes in a first step, and later leverages the potential of new technologies. "Blockchain has been a driving force for the digital transformation in the watch industry", explains Leonie. Within Adresta, she works at the interface of technology and customers, such as acquiring new manufacturers and retailers or communicating with the watch owner community on social media. She further states that "educating stakeholders about the technology comprehensively and practically plays an important role".



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Explanation about the value of digital product IDs and the value added by Adresta:



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